RAE_James OkelloJames Gregory Okello – 

James Gregory Okello, a distinguished academic professional born on August 20th, 1959, proudly holds Ugandan nationality. Currently serving as the Academic Registrar at Soroti University since 2017, he brings a wealth of experience to his role. Previously, he held the position of Deputy Registrar at Makerere University until 2013, showcasing his longstanding commitment to the field of education. James can be reached at jgokello@sun.ac.ug or jamesgokello@gmail.com.

Educational Journey and Achievements

James’ academic journey is marked by notable accomplishments. He earned his B.A in Political Science and Public Administration from Makerere University (1979-1982) and pursued a Master of Science in Management of Higher Education at the University of Surrey, UK (1987-1988). His commitment to continuous learning is evident through achievements like a Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science from Makerere University (1996-1997) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation from the University of Stellenbosch (2005-2006). Currently a PhD candidate at Nkumba University, he focuses on the integration of 21st Century Skills and Digital Skills in Higher Education Curriculum.

Professional Expertise and Research Contributions

In his current role as Academic Registrar, James serves as the Chief Coordinator at Soroti University, overseeing various aspects of academic organization, including admissions, examinations, research, and postgraduate studies. With competencies ranging from academic program design to higher education policy formulation, James has played pivotal roles in institutions like Makerere University Council, Makerere Senate, and IGAD Sheikh Technical Veterinary Institute. Beyond administrative roles, James is a seasoned researcher with interests in knowledge management, curriculum development, and quality assurance in education. His significant contributions include acting as the Lead Researcher/Principal Investigator in multiple multi-institutional research projects. James Gregory Okello stands as a beacon in the realm of higher education, contributing substantially to its development and advancement.