RAE_Tahra El-ObeidDr. Tahra Elobeid – Associate Professor at Qatar University

With a wealth of expertise and a diverse background in academia and consultancy, Dr. Tahra Elobeid is currently serving as an Associate Professor at Qatar University. Her journey in the field of education includes notable roles such as the Head of the Human Nutrition Department and Regional Advisor, showcasing her commitment to advancing nutritional science in the region.

Dr. Elobeid has extensive experience that extends to serving as a Food Safety Consultant and Nutrition Consultant, contributing her insights to ensure the highest standards in food safety and nutritional practices.

Prior to her current position, Dr. Tahra Elobeid held the role of Assistant Professor, further solidifying her dedication to academic excellence. Her commitment to fostering knowledge and expertise in the field of human nutrition has made her a respected figure in both educational and professional circles.

Through her various roles, Dr. Tahra Elobeid has demonstrated a passion for enhancing food safety, nutrition, and education. Her dynamic career trajectory reflects a commitment to research, teaching, and providing valuable consultancy services, making her a valuable asset to Qatar University and the broader academic community.