RAE_Edimu_MiltonDr. Milton Edimu is an Engineer and founding Director of Research and Education Agency (RAE). He is a Lecturer at the Department of Electrical Engineering at Makerere University. His expertise spans the intersection of electrical engineering and education, where he has made significant contributions.

Within the Department of Electrical Engineering, Dr. Edimu is a beacon of knowledge and innovation, shaping the educational experiences of aspiring engineers. As a respected member of the department, he brings practical knowledge and theoretical expertise to his teaching and research endeavors.

Dr. Edimu spearheads initiatives to improve access to formal and non-formal education. His vision for inclusive and quality education drives research projects that have a tangible impact on enhancing educational opportunities for diverse learners. Dr. Edimu’s leadership style reflects a commitment to collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement, showcasing his holistic approach to leveraging knowledge for societal development. With a stellar reputation as an educator, researcher, and visionary leader, Dr. Milton Edimu stands as a catalyst for positive change in the realms of electrical engineering and education, making a lasting impact on the pursuit of knowledge.