RAE_Jospeh_OryokotDr. Joseph Oryokot, a seasoned professional in the realm of agriculture, currently serves as the Senior Agricultural Officer at the World Bank. With an extensive background and expertise in agricultural development, Dr. Oryokot plays a pivotal role in overseeing and monitoring World Bank-funded projects.

As a key figure at the World Bank, Dr. Oryokot contributes his wealth of knowledge to drive impactful agricultural initiatives. His role involves not only overseeing the implementation of projects but also ensuring their alignment with the World Bank’s mission of promoting sustainable development and poverty reduction through agricultural advancements.

Dr. Oryokot’s commitment to the agricultural sector is evident in his hands-on approach to monitoring projects. His strategic insights and dedication to achieving positive outcomes underscore his role in steering World Bank-funded projects towards success.

With a distinguished career marked by expertise, leadership, and a commitment to global agricultural development, Dr. Joseph Oryokot stands as a valuable asset to the World Bank, contributing to the organization’s mission of fostering sustainable and inclusive growth in the agricultural sector.