Why are Digital Services the focus of this Strategy? Digital services catalyze economic growth, enhance governance, and bridge societal gaps. Embracing digital technologies in rural areas accelerates efficiency, transparency, and accessibility, fostering a more inclusive and connected rural community. By focusing on digital services, RAE aims to harness the power of information technology to aggregate farm production and inputs, provide opportunities for small businesses and youth self-employment, streamline public services, empower youths and women, and attract investments. The improved access to information and aggregation enhanced by digital communication and AI tools helps small-scale and remote farmers overcome their poor infrastructure and lack of economies of scale. This strategy recognizes the transformative potential of the digital landscape which is at the forefront of the global digital revolution. RAE emphasis on digital services aligns with the Uganda’s vision for a technologically advanced, economically vibrant, and socially equitable future.

RAE will therefore build on its ongoing efforts of enhancing access to digital learning for Rural Schools and Communities.