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The RAE Logo

The Small Open Hand: It signifies School Children and youth as the Epicentre for rural transformation hence the focus on promoting inclusive access to education and skilling the Youth to be the catalysts and instruments for  Community (rural) transformation

  1. The Big Open hand: It signifies the broader rural communities where RAE seeks to impact through interventions such as strengthening community agricultural productivity and value addition, and expanding livelihood opportunities for communities especially Youth and Women Groups; the Youth will be the key drivers of the needed transformation- the aim is to strive for inclusive rural transformation. RAE will therefore engage Partners such as Women Groups, Research, Universities and TVET institutions, Policy, etc to undertake and scale up the needed interventions.
  2. The Green: This is the desired Goal: a Prosperous, inclusive and harmonious Rural Community, empowered and supported by a healthy environment
  3. The Red: This symbolizes the interconnectedness of interventions and Society with ‘no one left behind’.

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