Research and Education Agency: Transforming Lives through Inclusive Education and Skill Development for Job Creation


Vibrant inclusive, rural communities that have improved access to good quality information and are employed in generating sustainable livelihoods from agriculture


To ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and job opportunities for
underserved, marginalised and vulnerable communities especially in rural
Uganda and other parts of Africa, as enablers of human development

Our Story

RAE evolved from efforts by Prof Adipala Ekwamu & Family initiated in 1980 to extend education to underserved rural areas in North-Eastern Uganda, Kalaki and Kaberamaido districts 


“I see RAE transforming rural communities by using new technology and creating employment opportunities for youths and marginalized communities.”
Prof. Kay Muir-Leresche - South Africa

“Youths are the foundation of development and prosperity but they must be educated, skilled and empowered as envisage by RAE.”

Prof. John A. Akec - South Sudan

Primary Education in Uganda
RAE Supporting Rural Primary Schools in Kalaki
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