RAE conducts research and outreach

Our core is to increase education opportunities for the betterment of communities with a foundation in the research industry. We engage with high schools and communities to impart formal and informal training in improved farming techniques, applied technology and entrepreneurship. Applying Melinda Gates vision for high school education, RAE builds capacity while ensuring sustainability by developing the following skills through its training approach:

  • Understanding conventional methods and required change through application
  • Implementing critical thinking and problem solving skills to existing challenges
  • Providing clarity on input-output relationship through practical engagement
  • Emphasizing best practices, collaboration and lessons learnt

Pairing researchers with the education system and through the education system, the parents, provides for a much wider reach that helps to engage rural communities in being active participants in research, providing feedback mechanisms to researchers and by showcasing research outputs to encourage uptake of new research. The pilot efforts are already showing returns with potential for significant increases in livelihoods and nutrition and improved agricultural productivity.



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