The Research and Education Agency

Research and Education Agency (RAE) is a research based organization focused on delivering innovative research in formal and non-formal education for rural transformation. Its engagement with smallholder farmers has been through the school garden program as the learning Centre and technology dissemination for sustainability. The RAE has further engaged across sectors with energy based institutions and other agricultural research institutions in developing a vibrant seed sector value chain particularly for legumes. Through this engagement with the research institutions, farmers, youth and other stakeholder groups,

it became apparent that farmers were particularly vulnerable to exploitation in a range of issues including from the traditional ecological knowledge, and contract farmers engagements and arrangements with middlemen and business enterprises

Reseach and Education Agency (RAE) was founded on 21 July 2015 as a Company Limited by Guarantee and not having share capital with the objective to:

  1. Provide opportunities and facilities for research that advances knowledge and process issues related to improvement of wellbeing of especially rural communities.
  2. Undertake activities that provide technical support in development research to improve wellbeing and livelihoods in Uganda and other countries.
  3. Participate in or commission research that enhances agri-food value chains, education, health, energy,  and inclusivity and environmental sustainability
  4. Carry out activities that increase access to and delivery of education services at basic, secondary and higher education levels, especially for rural communities and or disadvantaged communities.
  5. Provide technical support for design of research and education programmes and policy formulation in Uganda and other African countries.
  6. Work with other partners to advance the cause of development research and education in Africa.





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